Abuse deterrent


Are ADHD/Stimulant Drugs Dropping Off the FDA’s ADF Radar?

This morning, in reading an article from the Pink Sheet written by Sarah Karlin-Smith, I flashed on my blog post from September 24, 2020 (here) discussing the new warning on benzodiazepine products.  In this post, I had expressed concern that the abuse-deterrent formulation (ADF) craze of opioid formulations might be creeping in on other products […]

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Benzodiazepine Boxed Warning Update, a Harbinger of Things to Come?

In a drug safety communication on September 23, 2020 titled FDA requiring Boxed Warning updated to improve safe use of benzodiazepine drug class (here), the FDA announced changes being made to the boxed warning on all benzodiazepine products.  The communication describes the need for the change as follows: “[T]o address the serious risks of abuse, […]

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The Abuse Deterrent Creep Is On Image

The Abuse Deterrent Creep Is On; FDA Asks for Input on Stimulant Products

Not wanting to really say we saw this coming, but in a blog post in October 2014 (here), we postulated that the abuse-deterrent aspect of other classes of drugs that have abuse potential would likely be become targets as time passed.  In a Federal Register Notice (here), this prediction made in 2014 appears to be […]

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