The User Fee Reauthorization Passed – The President Signed the Bill Into Law – But Still No Word on Where That Leaves the Industry

While passage of the Continuing Resolution by Congress on September 30, 2022 and corresponding reauthorization of user fees for the different programmatic areas is a relief, the extremely late passage of the Bill leaves FDA and Industry in an awkward position in relation to one of the most important elements of the reauthorization-submission of applications […]

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CVM Issues Guidance on Enforcement Policy Regarding the Compounding of Vet Drugs Using Bulk Drug Substances

In a guidance posted today, the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) discusses its enforcement discretion policy for the use of bulk substances in the compounding of drugs used for non-food-producing animals and, to a more limited extent, for food-producing animals. Unlike the statute and regulations for human drugs, there are no provisions for compounding animal […]

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