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Systems Evaluation

Systems Evaluation Large

Clients frequently turn—and return—to Lachman Consultants for world-class evaluations of their R&D systems, manufacturing systems and processes, and quality control/assurance systems. Just as important, they trust Lachman to make powerful, effective recommendations for enhancing current systems and processes.

Lachman’s recognized experts in R&D and manufacturing systems assessments routinely assist clients in:

  • Implementing quality by design for successful commercialization
  • Analyzing and managing risk in the R&D and manufacturing environments
  • Developing requirements and performing audits for clinical material GMP (Phases I, II, and III)
  • Assessing and streamlining development practices

In the realm of quality control and quality assurance systems, Lachman’s consultants are the “go-to” people when needs include:

  • Assessing and managing risk vis-à-vis quality systems
  • Evaluating and enhancing quality unit roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing and improving facilities and equipment systems, materials systems, production systems, and laboratory controls systems

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