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Update on Meeting CDER User Fee Goals During Pandemic – Not Too Bad!

As we all know, the pandemic has wreaked havoc with inspections of drug manufacturers, API manufacturers, and laboratory facilities, as well as inspection of clinical study sites.  Remote working, meeting problems, and just general pandemic fatigue has hindered some of the FDA’s work.  However, the statistics are not as bad as one might think, all […]

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New Draft FDA Guidance on BLAs for Biosimilars and Interchangeable Biologics

The FDA has just published a new draft Q&A Guidance document regarding BLA submissions for biosimilar products and interchangeable biosimilar products, as well as recommendations for labeling of interchangeable biosimilar products.  This guidance (Biosimilarity and Interchangeability: Additional Draft Q & As on Biosimilar Development and the BPCI Act is available here) and supplements the two […]

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AAM Releases Its 2020 Savings Report

The Association for Accessible Medicines released its 2020 Generic Drugs and Biosimilars Access and Savings in the U.S. Report (here) yesterday, outlining the savings that these products brought to American consumers in 2019. “In 2019, according to data provided by IQVIA, U.S. savings from generic drugs added up to $313 billion—including $96 billion and $48.5 […]

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Lachman OnCall™ GMP Teleconsulting – When you can’t wait to get going.

When you can’t wait for answers to your GMP questions, it’s time for Lachman OnCall™. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) understand you need advice right away. Lachman’s SMEs have the knowledge, experience, and skills to address your most urgent scientific, technology, and compliance-related questions, such as: “We had to shut down our sterile manufacturing plant […]

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Less is More!

Today, the FDA published in a final rule (here) a significant revision to the regulatory definition of biological product that will have a major impact on what product will be regulated under the Public Health Service Act (PHSA), and which will be regulated solely under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA).  Specifically, the […]

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Is your NDA a BLA?  March 23rd is Quickly Approaching….

Our own Keith Webber originally provided very detailed information and helpful hints in his August 2019 blog (here) regarding FDAs transition of certain NDAs to BLAs under the BPCI Act. So, although this may not be “new” news, we think it’s worth a quick trip down memory lane, as the implementation date quickly approaches.  Let’s […]

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