Scientific and Technical Assistance

One of Lachman Consultants’ key differentiators is the cadre of scientific and technical experts. With decades of experience in the industry, the consultants have the real-world knowledge and experience required to deliver accurate, actionable recommendations. Members of the Science and Technology Practice work seamlessly with our other practice groups to deliver results for clients facing difficult compliance and regulatory problems.

Scientific Assistance

Lachman’s scientific assistance allows clients to:

  • Develop and enhance laboratory controls
  • Perform laboratory investigations
  • Assess bioequivalence studies and evaluate adequacy of bioanalytical methods and laboratories
  • Optimize product formulation and processes
  • Assess product stability

Technical Capabilities

Lachman’s technical capabilities help clients:

  • Evaluate process designs
  • Develop or refine process control strategies
  • Assess and improve process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Evaluate the development of analytical methods
  • Set specifications

Data Integrity

Lachman’s consultants are experts in:

  • Evaluating and enhancing systems to assure data integrity—covering collection, documentation, management, source data changes, and security
  • Assessing data integrity, whether voluntary or required by the FDA