October Approvals

Glimpses of What’s Ahead – FY 2019 GDUFA Science and Research Report

The FDA issued its Fiscal Year (FY) GDUFA Science and Research Report last week (read the full report here and the awarded research contracts and grants here).  A review of the innovative scientific focus areas helps those of us in the industry to get a sense of where the FDA is headed in support of […]

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When It Rains, It Pours; Recent Rx-to-OTC Switches

February 14, 2020 could be called a red letter day in the world of Rx-to-OTC switch.  After a long period of drought, FDA announced that they have approved the Rx-to-OTC switch of three prescription drugs. Please see the announcement here.  The three drugs are: Voltaren Arthritis Pain (diclofenac sodium topical gel, 1%) for the temporary […]

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Abstract Molecular Structure

Revisiting the “Novelty” of Novel Excipients

February 3, 2020 was the last day to comment on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) notice in the Federal Register on the Novel Excipient Review Program Proposal; Request for Information and Comments (here), which we reported on in a previous blog post (here).  In this notice, the FDA had proposed a pilot program related […]

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Two-Thirds of the Way through January, Approval Action Totals Signal A Below-Average Month

With seven of twenty-two business days left in the month, the OGD stands at twenty-seven full‑approval actions and seven tentative‑approval actions.  The FY 2020 average for each category so far is just under fifty‑eight full‑approval actions and twelve tentative‑approval actions.  Unless the end of the month picks up, we could see the slowest month for […]

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