Due Diligence Audits

In addition to working directly with pharmaceutical, biologic, medical device, and dietary supplement companies, Lachman Consultants also delivers support for acquisition of technology, products in all phases, facilities, and businesses.

Through Lachman’s extensive work in compliance and regulatory affairs, as well as the industry and FDA backgrounds of the consultants, Lachman is uniquely qualified to provide expert advice on compliance, scientific, and technical matters.

Lachman Consultants helps clients through:

  • Assessment of client-targeted organizations and facilities for compliance with current regulations
  • Identification of deficiencies and gaps in compliance and provision of remediation plans
  • Assessment of management controls
  • Evaluation of executive and management personnel capabilities
  • Evaluation of supply chain and product pipeline capabilities
  • Assistance in addressing regulatory affairs requirements—from strategic advice on regulatory filings to evaluation and resolution of complex scientific and regulatory issues