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Since 1978, Lachman Consultants’ multidisciplinary team of highly experienced FDA consultants and industry experts has offered compliance, regulatory affairs, and science & technology services to clients around the world.

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    Lachman Practice Groups

    Three Practices
    Executing One Vision

    Lachman Consultants maintains three practice groups: Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, and Science and Technology. Each practice offers industry-leading experience and expertise in its area of focus.

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    Now you can speak to one of our Subject Matter Experts and get the answers you need quickly on the many pressing issues arising in the life science areas that Lachman Consultants serves on a day to day basis. Whether it’s something you need to know about compliance, or a complex scientific or technical issue, Lachman OnCall™️ can provide you the timely information you require as needs arise and unforeseen questions occur.

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    The Lachman Consultants Blog

    The latest on industry compliance, regulatory affairs, technical services, and a whole lot more.

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