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Since 1978, Lachman Consultants’ multidisciplinary team of highly experienced FDA consultants and industry experts has offered compliance, regulatory affairs, and science & technology services to clients around the world.

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    Lachman Consultants maintains three practice groups: Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, and Science and Technology. Each practice offers industry-leading experience and expertise in its area of focus.

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    Now you can speak to one of our Subject Matter Experts and get the answers you need quickly on the many pressing issues arising in the life science areas that Lachman Consultants serves on a day to day basis. Whether it’s something you need to know about compliance, or a complex scientific or technical issue, Lachman OnCall™️ can provide you the timely information you require as needs arise and unforeseen questions occur.

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    The Lachman Consultants Blog

    The latest on industry compliance, regulatory affairs, technical services, and a whole lot more.

    Blood donation hand. Nurse hands

    Official OGD June Approvals, Receipts, and CRL Numbers are In and I Just Scratch My Head

    Well, with the only reported number that is up this month being for th...
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    Businessman Walking Into The City

    FDA Field Alert Reports (FARs) far from Clear – Maybe This Will Help

    The FDA issued its final guidance on Field Alert Reports (FARs) today ...
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    money dog

    AGDUFA Fee Rates First Out Of The Gate For FY 2022

    The FDA announced the Generic Animal Drug User Fee Rates for FY 2022 i...
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    Digital or electronic thermometer with high temperature 98,6 Fahrenheit in doctors hand. Doctor or nurse in protective PPE suit, face mask, safety googles and rubber gloves demonstrates temperature caused by covid 19, coronavirus or Sars-Cov-2

    Domestic Inspections Back to Normal – Mission Critical Still for Foreign In-person Reviews

    With the news that domestic inspections are back on track the question...
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    Bactrian camel or Camelus bactrianus with two humps

    Now Here is Something to Watch – First Suit for BE Samples of a Drug Under the Creates Act

    If you have been in the generic industry for, as they say, a minute, y...
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    Vintage baseball scoreboard

    Approval Outlook for July 2021 Thru Half of the Month

    As of today, July 19, 2021, FDA has posted its approvals up to and inc...
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