Official Approval Numbers for May 2022 and Update on April Stats

Well, just like that, OGD posted the official approval actions along with some other metrics for May and also updated the rest of the April statistics.  We have been touting the May approval action and we were ever-so-close but missed by one. The actual official May approval actions are as follows: Full approval actions 84 […]

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April Showers Did Bring May Flowers! A Look at the May Unofficial Approvals

The “rain” of approval actions in April led to an unofficial “sprouting” of 83 full approvals in May, which was the largest number of full approvals seen in quite some time; specifically, since May 2019 when there were also 83 full approvals.  While not an all-time high for a single month, it is a welcome […]

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Revised Approval Totals – What a Difference a Day Makes!

Surprise, surprise!  Just yesterday, we reported an anemic number of approvals through May 16th and today we were surprised to see (perhaps due to a fix to the FDA’s posting problem!) the new and now revised total through May 17th is thirty‑seven full‑approval actions (only one of which was approved on the 17th) and still one tentative […]

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By the Numbers – OGD Stats Explained and Other Topics

In today’s SBIA Generic Drug Forum, there were a number of presentations related to generic drug statistical reporting.  As someone who tracks OGD activities somewhat obsessively, these presentations validated many of the observations that I’ve been making in my blog posts on the OGD’s public statistical reporting. The presenters reviewed the types of required and […]

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