FY 2022 Fees for Using Priority Review Vouchers Announced 

Today’s prepublication of the Federal Register (FR) contains the fees to be assessed for three priority review vouchers, namely the material threat medical countermeasure (MCM) priority review voucher; the rare pediatric disease priority review voucher, and the tropical disease priority review voucher.  These fees were announced in three separate FR notices (here, here, and here).  These vouchers are awarded to sponsors that submit and […]

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Vial and Component Relief from the FDA for the Vile component Shortage Created by the Pandemic

FDA has proposed some relief from the component shortages created for parenteral and other products identified in the just released Guidance entitled, COVID-19 Container Closure System and Component Changes: Glass Vials and Stoppers. The Agency has recognized the need to provide some regulatory flexibility regarding the filing type for certain changes that may be necessitated […]

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Important – Facility Inspection Impact on Applications, Amendments, Resubmissions and Supplements

FDA’s ability to conduct on-site inspections has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  While the FDA is looking and utilizing alternate methods to conduct such inspections when needed, some of the alternate methods are, at least, as time-consuming as actual on-site inspections.  Because of this issue and the Agency’s goal of being transparent, they […]

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Lachman Consultants Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

At first blush, it does not seem like we have that much to be thankful for in 2020, between the pandemic, polarized political views, a contentious election, worry about loved ones, quarantine and stay at home orders, restaurants closing and opening, only outside eating, and hospitals jammed packed and people dying, jobs disappearing and Federal […]

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EUA for Vaccine – Slippery Slope or a Shot in the Dark

The FDA has backed away and revoked a number of Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) that it had issued in the past, including those for hydroxychloroquine and a multitude of less-than-accurate COVID‑19 tests.  By all accounts, there is a degree of trepidation in the scientific community that many of the Agency’s decisions regarding EUAs are being […]

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Do You Have Your Checkbook Ready? Be sure Clinicaltrials.gov Listings Are Made and Are Accurate!

FDA finalized its guidance entitled “Civil Money Penalties Relating to the ClinicalTrials.gov Data Bank Guidance for Responsible Parties, Submitters of Certain Applications and Submissions to FDA, and FDA Staff” (quite a mouthful) today (here) which was originally issued as a draft in September 2018.  The FR Notice announcing the availability of the guidance (here) indicates […]

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Are You Ready? Because the FDA IS Getting Ready!

How has COVID 19 changed your organization?  Do you have fewer or newer employees?  Have you kept up with training requirements, or has your focus been more targeted towards keeping the freight moving?  Has your workforce stabilized with sufficient personnel to perform the complex cGMP tasks necessary and the documentation requirements expected by the FDA?  […]

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