FDLI Session Addresses the Nitrosamine Issue

Hundreds of FDA staff, industry professionals, lawyers, and others gathered in Washington, D.C. on May 17th and 18th to participate in the 2023 Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI) Annual Conference.  The agenda covered a broad range of current regulatory and legal issues facing the food, drug, medical device, biologics, and tobacco industries.  Lachman Consultant Services […]

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Discontinued Chantix – FDA Says Not for S&E Reasons

When a reference listed drug (RLD) product is discontinued from marketing, or if the RLD’s NDA application is officially withdrawn, we all know that the FDA must make a determination that the specific RLD was not discontinued from marketing or withdrawn for safety or efficacy reasons before it can approve an ANDA based on the […]

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Nitrosamines – Where Are We Now?

Two years after the FDA guidance on Control of Nitrosamines Impurities in Human Drugs and nearly a year after the publication of USP’s General Chapter <1469> Nitrosamine Impurities, where are we now and what have we learned?  That was a question posed recently at the Association of Accessible Medicine’s GRx+Biosims 2022 conference.  The session devoted […]

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Hold On! That Previously Acceptable Level of Nitrosamine in Your Product is No Longer Acceptable!

Yesterday, the Agency expressed confidence that manufacturers of varenicline tablets containing the N‑nitroso-varenicline impurity can meet the FDA’s original acceptable intake limit of 37 ng or less per day. Their statement read:  “FDA is now confident in manufacturers’ ability to supply patients with varenicline containing the N-nitroso-varenicline impurity at or below the agency’s acceptable intake limit […]

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