A New Approach to cGMP Inspections is Coming Soon. Our Contract Pharma Article Gives You a Preview.

Earlier this year, the FDA issued a draft Guidance for Industry titled “Alternative Tools: Assessing Drug Manufacturing Facilities Identified in Pending Applications Guidance for Industry.” The proposed Guidance uses a risk-based approach based on product quality or facility-related risks and will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the FDA. Are you among the many […]

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New Guidance for Industry- Acceptable Intake Limits for NDSRIs and a New Webpage from FDA

Unless you’ve been living under a (pharmaceutical) rock, you are aware of the struggle that both FDA and industry are having with Nitrosamines impurities in pharmaceutical products.  As a reminder, APIs are at risk of forming nitrosamine drug substance-related impurities (NDSRIs) when they contain secondary amines or dimethyl tertiary amines. We have published many blogs […]

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Mary Oates to Participate in Webinar on Virtual Inspections

On Tuesday, July 21, Mary Oates, Ph.D., Vice President, Compliance Services, will be participating in a webinar organized by Informa, publishers of the Pink Sheet and Scrip. Mary will be a panelist in a session on Virtual Drug Inspections, occurring at 2 PM EST. The entire webinar series, which is taking place over a 24 […]

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Data Integrity Issues Still Plague Pharmaceutical Manufacturers – Where’s the Beef?

I know that I have written about this issue multiple times (here and here; also search our blog for other data integrity posts) and I guess it is a holdover from my time at FDA and living through the generic drug scandal of the late 1980s, but, come on now, folks, the FDA’s bark seems […]

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