Unapproved Drugs


Now that the Unapproved Drug Initiative Is Back on the Horizon, FDA Makes Noise About Unapproved Prescription Thyroid Drugs

In a recent Consumer Update published on its website, the FDA provides a very brief history of the origin of thyroid treatments, noting that the first versions of thyroid replacement products were made from the glands of pigs or cows.  The discussion moves on to describe the new generation (well, not too new) of synthetic […]

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Price Saving’s Short-Sighted Action by HHS – Unapproved Drug Initiative – Cancelled!

I marveled at the short sightedness of the Administration’s position to withdrawal the unapproved drug initiative to save the consumer money. Yes, there have been price increases when a firm has taken a previously unapproved drug product through the FDA approval system and the FDA forces the unapproved versions off the market.  Firms need to […]

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CBD Products – As FDA Resources are focused on COVID-19, will it be this virus that prompts FDA to regulate this Industry?

CBD products are available just about everywhere – you see them show up in gas stations, supermarkets, the internet, convenience stores, farm markets, and just about any place where things are sold.  CBD appears in drinks, pastry, candy, as an oil, and is infused in just about anything that can be orally ingested, or in […]

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