The FDA issued a warning to consumers (here) that mole removal isn’t a DIY project and can be dangerous for a number of reasons.  It warns that there is no FDA-approved OTC product for removing moles or skin tags.  Unauthorized products, like those with a high‑level of salicylic acid, claiming to remove these lesions can cause burns and scarring of the skin.

The products are sold as ointments, gels, sticks, and liquids, and may contain high concentrations of salicylic acid (a chemical) or other harmful ingredients.  The FDA warns “[T]hese risks include skin injuries, infection requiring antibiotics, scarring, and delayed skin cancer diagnosis and treatment.  In fact, the FDA has received reports about people who developed permanent skin injuries and infections after using products marketed as mole or skin tag removers.”

You may say, well, if these products are so dangerous why doesn’t the FDA just take action to remove them from the market?  It is because of the number of unapproved products and limited FDA resources.  There are so many of them, it is like playing Whac-A-Mole (pun intended).