At first blush, it does not seem like we have that much to be thankful for in 2020, between the pandemic, polarized political views, a contentious election, worry about loved ones, quarantine and stay at home orders, restaurants closing and opening, only outside eating, and hospitals jammed packed and people dying, jobs disappearing and Federal stimulus caught in the middle of two political parties.

But we are sure that, as always, the America we know and love will crawl out of the darkness into a new day with, hopefully, a vaccine that imparts immunity to this scourge and permits us to begin to travel again, to see loved ones again, to begin to rebuild the economy in what might be the new normal for at least one more year.  However slow the progress is, progress is being made towards those goals and we will soon be moving in the right direction together.

We at Lachman wish you a happy Thanksgiving as we think of you and your families, your business, your health and happiness.  May things be put right with the world once again.  That is our hope for you, the nation, and the world.  Stay safe, be kind, be sure to assist the less fortunate in this fretful time and keep the faith.  America will come out on the other side stronger and wiser.  That is our hope for us all!