Well, here we are, just before Thanksgiving again.  It seems like just last week we were getting ready for last year’s shindig.  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year and on top of the list is a clean bill of health after a horrible 2016 for my family.  Second is the fact that we are all still here and that you, my readers and friends, are still able to read this message of hope as most of us older folks are engaged in a continuous game of beat the reaper!

The pharmaceutical industry has come under fire for the prices it charges (some fair and some not so fair, in my opinion), the FDA seems to always be nipping at our heels, and the media creates a bit of a circus.  We are all concerned about the opioid crisis (but let’s remember that much of the crisis does not have to do with legal pharmaceuticals used in accordance with their labeled instructions).

There have been some promising breakthroughs in cancer therapy, biosimilars, and promising new biologic products that have been approved this year.  The Office of Generic Drugs had another record number of ANDA approvals in FY 2017, and we have, what I believe to be, a great FDA commissioner in place to shepherd the Agency into the future.

But those things are just that things, advances, and noise.   They do not and should not mean as much as family, friends, and common decency.  So, this Thanksgiving season (and for the rest of the year, or longer I hope), reach out to an old friend, enjoy time with family, and be kind to someone you don’t know.  Live a good life, and be happy to do so.  It is the only one we have.

My wish for you all this Thanksgiving is for love, peace, and prosperity (and not just monetary prosperity).  All of us at Lachman, I think, can agree that there is plenty of room for that this holiday season.  Enjoy – see you after the holiday.