Well, in the dietary supplement battle for the erectile dysfunction (ED) market, it seems that FDA continues to find supplements that contain undeclared drugs.  In a public notification today, FDA advised consumers not to use yet another product for ED (see here).  As reported previously, it seems that FDA issues a few notices a month for products claimed to be dietary supplements, but actually the supplements contain undeclared ED active ingredients.  In this case it is sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra.

FDA notes that this is a growing trend (so to speak) for such products to contain hidden and potentially harmful ingredients.  How do these products hit the market?  Why can’t the FDA put a stop to it?  The problem seems to continually escalate.  Seems like some companies are operating like in the pre-1938 days with profit as their only motive. Like the bottles of Dr. Feel Good, they get sold until the cops catch them, then another company pops up to take their place.

Doesn’t FDA border entry program catch these things?   What about stopping the API coming into the country unless for an approved product?  The website cited in the URL for one of the companies in the notice today contains the formula for the product and (not unsurprisingly) sildenafil is not listed.

The fact that these products are so abundant baffles me.  But what do I know?  Is it time we relook at the dietary supplement laws and regulations?  Time to take a hard look at this issue (again no pun intended).