Supply Chain Resilience


Join Lachman Consultants (Ireland) at the PDA Quality and Regulations Conference in Belgium

Lachman Consultants (Ireland) will participate at this year’s PDA Quality and Regulations Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, November 7 – 8. The two-day in-person event will cover a wide range of topics related to regulatory and industry best practices, with a particular emphasis on addressing shortages and enhancing supply chain resilience. Lachman Consultants (Ireland) will be […]

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Risk Meets Data Governance in the Supply Chain 

What do a cup of cappuccino and sterile water for injection have in common?  At first glance, there is no apparent correlation, except when you become “data curious” and take the macro view of the current convergence of economics, compliance, and maturation of risk management.  Sometimes utilizing existing data is the best way to understand […]

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Supply Chain Risk and Data Management Poised to Take a Leap Forward

In a complete supply chain, one site’s lag measure is another site’s lead measure.  As important as data integrity is to product quality decisions at the site, data risks in the supply chain can affect availability of product to patients.  As mentioned in a previous Lachman blog (here), drug shortages are the preeminent risk for […]

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