With the generic product approvals currently listed through May 15th  on the All Approvals website (here), OGD has issued 30 full approval actions and 10 tentative approval actions for the month of May so far.  Hopefully this will bode well for total approvals for the full month.  We do have a major holiday coming up here in the US, so there will likely be lots of OGD and OPQ staff on vacation towards the end of the month, but it is also a month with 31 days so this may blunt the holiday absences to some extent.

May was a big month last year with 84 full approval actions and 10 tentative approval actions. We still have half a month and, if things continue at the current rate they have in May so far, OGD should end the month close to an 80-something number slightly below or close to that seen last Fiscal Year.

We will keep you updated on OGD progress.  We expect to see the official OGD approval numbers for April in a week or two.