The “rain” of approval actions in April led to an unofficial “sprouting” of 83 full approvals in May, which was the largest number of full approvals seen in quite some time; specifically, since May 2019 when there were also 83 full approvals.  While not an all-time high for a single month, it is a welcome sign for the industry. The number of approvals was fueled by 13 approvals for pemetrexed on May 25th and 8 approvals for bortezemib on May 7th.

That is the good news; however, there has only been 1 tentative approval reported thus far for May.  We know that they sometimes appear later in on the FDA All Approvals site, so we will need to wait for the official number to post in about a week or two.

That means as things stand today, OGD has a total of 84 approval actions for the month of May so far. A good month for sure!