June looks fairly strong but likely not as strong as May’s projected unofficial total (ninety‑three full and tentative actions).  With postings through June 14th on the FDA’s Daily and All Approval lists (here and here), as of 10:30 a.m. on June 16, 2022, there were twenty‑three full‑approval actions and nine tentative‑approval actions.  This total of thirty‑two approval actions should see June with over sixty approval actions when all is said and done for the month.

Remember that June only has thirty days, and June 20th is a holiday, so this projection would be a good one for the month.  In June of FY 2021, there were forty‑five full‑approval actions and seventeen tentative‑approval actions for a total of sixty‑two for the month.

We will update the unofficial totals for June in a couple of weeks and hopefully we will have the official May 2022 approval action numbers for you in a few days.