With five reporting days left in the month, the OGD reporting approval actions captured in the Daily Approvals list (here) and the All Approvals list (here) totaled fifty-eight full-approval actions and only four tentative-approval actions.  This gives the OGD a chance to break the total approvals total for any month in FY 2020 if it has a productive end of the month in July.

We note above that there have only been four tentative approval actions thus far in July.  We are unsure whether this number is correct as last month the All Approvals list for June only showed six tentative‑approval actions but the official numbers released by the OGD for June and reported (here)  cited fourteen tentative-approval actions.  Despite the discrepancy, the All Approvals list has not, as of today, been updated with a listing of the eight other TA actions.  We have queried the FDA press office as well as the OGD about the discrepancy but have not hear back from either on the request for clarification.

The OGD reported seventy-three full approval actions in June and, as noted above, fourteen tentative approval actions.  While the OGD has a way to go to top those numbers this month, there is still time left.