Be careful out there, warns FDA, as they continue to see hand sanitizers containing potentially deadly methanol (as well as other toxic substances).  The FDA has a DO NOT USE list of hand sanitizers (here) and issued another warning about assuring safe use of these products in a press release on July 27, 2020 (here).

With consumers trying to be ultra-careful by carrying or using these products often during the day, if a product has undeclared methanol (also known as wood alcohol) it can be absorbed through the skin to dangerous levels and can be fatal when orally ingested.  My grandkids call them “hanitizers” and know they should use them if washing hands with soap and water is not available.  Do not be fooled, check the DO NOT USE list above and make certain you have not purchased or do not hold any of these products.  If you do, throw away the contents if you do.

Many of the adulterated products are coming from overseas or are being distributed through less-than-reliable online retailers.  The FDA is working hard to take action against scofflaws that continue to flaunt the law and fail to properly formulate these products. Check the DO NOT USE list often on FDA’s website because it is being continually updated.