Through April 19 (and one action for the 20th) reporting on the FDA all Approvals list (here) tallies 37 full approval actions and 16 tentative approval actions for a total of 53 approval actions.

The month started out very strong and, if the rate of approvals continues through the end of the month, OGD might be close to a record number of monthly approval actions for FY 2020.  With OGD working almost totally remotely, it does not seem that they have skipped a beat.  As I have found in my 44 years, I was always more efficient working at home and worked more hours than at the office, just because the computer was always open and I knew I always had additional client needs for which to attend.

I wonder if telecommuting will be embraced more by the Agency even when the National health emergency is over.  We will just have to wait and see.  Just think of all that commuting time that could turn into productive hours, and how that would impact both efficiency and productivity.  Just saying!

We will update you shortly after April reporting closes as to where the full month is likely to land – but with the ever-present caveat, that until OGD releases its official numbers for the month ours are just preliminary.