Anyone who has been involved in basic science knows that the ultimate goal is publication of your research in a peer reviewed journal. If you work in discovery in a firm, the goal is the same, and the company looks to commercialize promising leads as potential therapeutics. We are happy to announce that one of our consultants has achieved both of these goals!

After getting his PhD in Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur, India, Principal Consultant Tamil Arasu joined PTC Therapeutics, where he worked as a Principal Scientist before joining FDA and then moving on to Lachman Consultants. While at PTC Therapeutics, 15 years ago, Tamil in collaboration with a group of his colleagues worked on synthesis of a molecule called PTC299 which is of significant importance in the treatment of certain cancers. Lachman Consultants is happy to announce that the fruits of the group’s research work and findings are described in an article recently published in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and “describes the lead optimization campaign that culminated in the discovery of PTC299.”  It can be found at

Congratulations, Tamil!