How do companies keep up with the rapidly changing world of drug and device regulations?  Some companies have entire departments dedicated to these efforts.  Other companies have people doing it part-time, perhaps as an add-on to their primary jobs.  Some companies may not pay attention at all. Lachman offers a solution to this.  We develop and publish a newsletter on a bi-weekly basis that covers pharmaceutical regulatory news for all major regulatory bodies, and outlines new laws, rules, regulations, and guidances pertaining to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. Included with this publication are copies of the documents or links to find them.  This is a subscription service.  Those that currently subscribe to these services have said that it is a “one-stop shop for all pertinent information”.

We all have heard the expression that “ignorance is bliss”; well, in this case, ignorance is not bliss, and what you don’t know will hurt you.  Regulators do not accept lack of knowledge of a requirement as an excuse for not complying with that requirement.  It is could be positively devastating to your business if a new requirement is put in place for a potentially significant market that you are unaware of, that may take you a significant amount of time to comply with.

In addition to providing you the information, we can also help you set up best practices for how to implement and disseminate this information across your organization, to help assure that new requirements are put in practice.  We can also customize the report to your specific markets.

Contact us today at to get a free sample, and to talk to someone about how you can implement this in your organization.