Each year at holiday time, we try to provide a little levity in some of our blog posts, as well as spread some good cheer.  So here you go – love it or not – we fully expect this to be sung outside Building 31 in Bethesda on the evening of December 24th.

To the tune of “Winter Wonderland,” this is “Winter Wonderland, FDA Style.”  Please feel free to sing along!

FDA sings, are you listening?

Fishers Lane, I am missing.

We are in for a fight,

Will we be happy tonight?

Or will we wind up in winter’s blunder-land?


Gone away is the reason,

And at this time of the season,

What if FDA gets it wrong?

And they don’t like our song?

Will be walking away again in winter’s blunder-land


In Bethesda, we can hope our story, will bring our company much-needed glory.

They’ll say are you happy, we may say no man, that’s crappy,

But we can do what you say, we are only ten-million dollars away,

When we tell our Board, hope it’s not too gory!


That’s enough of that, but just before we go,

We can’t leave this refrain,

Without much cheer or disdain,

If we did not wish you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,

and that I know.


See you all in the New Year.  Please enjoy your family and friends and prepare for 2020.  I hope it is a great year for all.