David Petshaft, Esq.

Board of Directors Advisor

David Petshaft, Esq., Chief Legal and Financial Officer of Lachman Consultants, and in this position oversees and manages the legal and financial affairs and activities of the firm.  He also serves on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer/Secretary of the firm.  His responsibilities include direct oversight and management of corporate activities relating to the firm’s legal and financial matters, including client business agreements and related legal matters, intellectual property and confidentiality matters, project proposals and interactions with potential clients in connection with Lachman Consultants’ services.  His role also encompasses oversight and management of the firm’s Travel, Administration and Support functions.  Mr. Petshaft has over thirty years of practice experience as both an attorney and a certified public accountant.  He has extensive experience in legal, transactional and commercial business, corporate, tax and financial accounting matters.

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