Yesterday, the FDA advised consumers not to use QUICK Rheumatism Capsule, Tiger Wang Biaod (here) or SNAKE BONES Anti-Rheumatic Capsules (here).  The FDA confirmed by its laboratory analysis that both products contain piroxicam, a prescription drug ingredient for treating pain and arthritis-related symptoms.

Serious adverse events can occur with taking any of these unapproved drugs being marketed as dietary supplements.  It appears that the two products that are subjects of these advisories by the FDA’s Medication Health Fraud Program are made in China and illegally imported into the United States.  Illegal products like these continue to flood onto the U.S. market.  It is unfortunate that consumers are continually led to believe that such products are being legally distributed as dietary supplements while they are, in fact, unapproved marketed drug products.

The continued and pervasive availability of illegal products that have been subjects of various Health Fraud Advisories over the years emphasizes the need for the FDA to have additional legislative authority and oversight of the dietary supplement market.  While Congress is talking about providing the FDA with the required authority, it has been nothing but talk for far too long.  And we all know that talk is cheap, especially when it comes from a dysfunctional Congressional body.