According to reports, the pharmaceutical job market has been expanding exponentially in recent months and is on an upward trajectory for job seekers. Occupational profiles are changing and many existing jobs, as a result of automation, are evolving, while completely new jobs are emerging. In this post-pandemic growth period, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to recognize the true value of their people and why their workforce is their most important asset. So, it’s of little to no surprise that when an executive or manager asks the question, “How can I be certain that our organization is adequately staffed and that our people are properly trained?”, their question is far too often met with quizzical looks and more than a few shrugs.

In the Contract Pharma article entitled, “FDA Watch: Are you Suitably Staffed?” Paul Mason, PhD., Senior Director, Lachman Consultants offers a set of criteria to address and mitigate the uncertainty of achieving adequate levels of staff and their training. For firms that lag in providing training and oversight a variety of actionable solutions and examples are also presented. In addition, Paul also looks at the challenge from an employee’s perspective and explains how a process that fosters employees to speak up when they feel training is needed can help foster productivity and quality outcomes.