Today FDA has warned consumers (here) that the products listed below that are offered for sale in the US contain undeclared active ingredients that can be dangerous for some users. This is not really a surprise as unscrupulous manufacturers and distributors try to cash in on patients with erectile disfunction or on users that merely want to improve their sexual performance. These products are marketed as safe for their use, it is really a case of “buyer beware”. Most consumers should (by now) be aware that one of the leading classes of supplement products to be wary of relate to those products targeting improving sexual performance for men.

The list of products in the FDA’s most recent warning include:

  • BIG GUYS Male Energy Supplement contains hidden drug ingredient (containing sildenafil)
  • Mens Maximum Energy Supplement contains hidden drug ingredient (containing sildenafil)
  • Round 2 contains hidden drug ingredient (containing tadalafil)
  • Genergy contains hidden drug ingredient (containing tadalafil)
  • WeFun contains hidden drug ingredient (containing sildenafil)
  • X MAX Triple Shot Energy Honey contains hidden drug ingredient (containing tadalafil)

    Please note that this is a corrected post. 

Of course, the catchy names (while interesting and clever) don’t disguise the fact that these products contain the active ingredients in the FDA-approved drug products Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (tadalafil). FDA notes “[T]hese products might cause potentially serious side effects and might interact with medications or dietary supplements a consumer is taking. Consumers should use caution when considering purchasing these types of products.”

While it is good to see the FDA fraud and compliance units taking action to warn consumers about these products, there is still a lot to be done in preventing and removing these potentially dangerous products from the marketplace. Having posted about this issue previously, I must again say that the FDA is faced with a “wack-a-mole” scenario of continuously clobbering one distributor or manufacturer over the head just to have another pop up in its place. Perhaps it is time to start increasing the penalty for this continued egregious behavior? How about some jail time for repeat offenders? That will make them stand up and take notice!