On Tuesday December 13, Lachman President and CEO, Fran Zipp will be participating on a panel in a live webinar on “Excelling in a Multigenerational Workplace” as part of the DCAT Alliance for Industry Women Committee. This issue is one that transcends the pharmaceutical industry and is certainly not experienced exclusively by females. The varying generational demographics of the workplace impacts everything from communication mediums (Millennials and Gen Zers could not imagine a world without Slack or Teams, while Baby Boomers are more likely to prefer a face to face conversation or phone call), to comfort and ability to adapt to technological advances (Millennials and Gen Zers certainly may have the lead here, although Gen X is quite comfortable as well), through to longevity in a workplace (data shows that younger generations typically change jobs at a much higher rate than older generations). Given that Baby Boomers are retiring at a faster rate than ever before, it is important that the next generation of leaders be able to effectively lead (and excel) in a multigenerational workplace, given that by 2030, all Baby Boomers will be at least 65 years old! The DCAT panel has representation from a number of different generational perspectives, and we have hopes that the collaboration of fresh innovation with wisdom from the experience brings increased productivity (AIHR). We hope to see you there! Registration is free for employees of member companies.

Register Here: Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR)