There has been turmoil in the world; everything seems to have gone crazy.  It’s hard to find faith or even truth in our politicians.  Laws have been broken and our democracy was almost broken.  But, with the 2022 mid‑year election, we seem to have taken a step back from the precipice.  In thinking about our future as a country, there appears to be a beacon of light in the tunnel ahead.  I hope so.  But enough of that.  I dug through Thanksgiving posts from the past ten years of my blogging to take stock in the day of thanks and came across one that put a smile on my face, and almost made me laugh out loud, so I thought I should recycle the post with the hope of giving a little humor to help lift your spirits.  So, here it goes, from 2018, I present the Thanksgiving Day blog post with a little extra gravy.

Every year at this time, we all ponder and are asked about what we are thankful for.  It goes without saying, family, friends, good health for all we love, and peace on earth.  We are all blessed in some way or another, and we all have that one thing that stands out.  Make your standout thing special this year!

And now for a little Thanksgiving turkey fun.

I hope each of you gets a “leg” up on the coming holidays and approach it with the “wings” of an angel.  May the love you feel in your “breast” warm the hearts of others.  I don’t want you to stick your “neck” out this year, but “thigh” want you to be safe.  What part of the turkey do you like best?  For me, it’s the part that goes over the fence last.

Just remember the “stuffing” you get on November 24 will “weigh” on you for a week or two.  Perhaps you can dance the “mashed potato” or use a carrot and a stick to get some help in the kitchen.  If you don’t get the help you need, please don’t “wine” about it.

Perhaps listen to the “Cranberrys” music to relax and enjoy a “slice” of life on Thanksgiving Day.  I hope this day is the “cream” of the crop and lies high on the “scale” of past holidays.

Enjoy, Pumpkin, talk to you next week.

I hope you enjoyed this little diversion at a busy time of the year and found it punny, albeit a bit “corny”!  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Lachman Consultants!