As the combination products market continues to expand at a rapid pace, pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to be one step ahead as they bring new combination products and technologies to market. Manufacturers need to think about their products in a new way as they consider not just the drug itself, but also the design of the delivery device. Managing relationships across an increasingly complex global supply chain—from design and development through manufacturing and distribution—has become a challenge for many.

Join us for the Combination Products Webinar: Managing Complex Supplier Relationships, a Lachman learning experience, as we explore this critical topic.

Hosted by Ricki A. Chase, M.S., Vice President at Lachman Consultants Services, Inc.
This webinar will take a deep dive into:

• Responsibilities for design control
• When and how to use platform providers
• Manufacturing through CMO partnerships
• The myriad of distribution channels and challenges
• Regulatory compliance expectations

This two-hour learning experience on March 24, 2022 is designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotech companies entering the combination product space and CMO’s taking on the manufacture of new combination product technologies.



Ms. Chase is Vice President at Lachman Consultants Services, Inc. and a compliance expert in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance and regulatory matters, including current good manufacturing practices under US food and drug law and other pharmaceutical and medical device compliance and regulatory laws and regulations. Prior to joining Lachman, Ms. Chase spent 16 years with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she enjoyed roles as a U.S. FDA Investigator, Supervisory Investigator, Program Manager and Director of Investigations, and Instructor for the Office of Regulatory Affairs Training Program. With vast experience in leadership development positions in all regulated program areas, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, human and animal foods, biomonitoring, veterinary medicine, biologics, and imports, She is a highly sought-after speaker in the industry.

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