The Key Role of Off Patent Medicines:

Fran Zipp, President and CEO of Lachman Consultant Services, Inc., will be a moderator on Session- 6 OFF-PATENT ROLE FOR GLOBAL HEALTH: PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST, at the Annual Medicines for Europe and IGBA Conference in Athens, Greece on October 6-8, 2021.

The agenda includes bridging the access gap for patients around the world, strengthening global manufacturing and supply chains, and creating a long-lasting competitive environment.  Fran Zipp will engage important industry leaders to discuss how off-patent medicines play a key role in improving health worldwide.

Off-patent medicines refer to the use of medicine as a treatment or aide for which it was not originally intended. People use off-patent medicine everyday with very low risk and many benefits. The ingredients in one medication can help to remedy symptoms of other sicknesses.  They are equivalent in terms of safety, efficacy, dosage, and use.

The patent industry has positively contributed towards patient health and to national and regional economies. Generic medicines are often more affordable for patients who need them most. They contain the same chemical makeup of patented drugs, but they can be financially more accessible.

Fran Zipp will moderate the panel: Adele Paterson- CEO of International Health Partners; Aris Mitsopoulos-Executive Vice President, RAFARM; Valerio di Caprio- Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Centrient; Tom Roane- Vice President of Corporate Engagement & Strategy, Direct Relief; Erick Tyssier- Sr. Director Government Affairs Europe, TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

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