Oh, what a year it has been!  Political turmoil topped only by the devastating novel coronavirus. With a vaccine EUA and vaccine on the way, perhaps 2021 will see an attenuation of the Covid-19 pandemic and our businesses and the world will start to open up again.  Small businesses have been devastated, the world has changed.  How many of you have not seen family members because of the stay-at-home orders or the fear of traveling?

Well, let me tell you, I have not seen my grandkids since last December and one of my grandsons has grown 5 inches!  Hopefully, the 4 trips that we have cancelled to see them and the 2 that they have cancelled to see us will be accomplished in the New Year.  Well, enough complaining, I would rather focus on the things I am grateful for this year and things that I hope for in the coming months (and not necessarily in order of importance).

  • I am grateful for Zoom – who would have thought that such a platform would be able to bring so many of us together virtually.
  • I am grateful for an adequate supply of toilet paper (no explanation needed, just don’t get wiped out during the new surge).
  • I am grateful for all the friends that have reached out to us during the past year. Seems like the troubles of the year have raised our need to make sure we touch those that are important to us.
  • I am grateful for delivery services that have filled up our cupboards, brought us hot meals, and have brought everything we have needed to our front door. This has surely made our lives safer.
  • I am grateful for senior hours at grocery stores and Costco
  • I hope that the vaccine rollout goes smoothly and that first responders, health care workers, and all the other workers that kept the world turning receive the protections they deserve for the sacrifices they have made and continue to make.
  • I hope that businesses survive and flourish in the coming year.
  • I hope that those of us that are more fortunate look out for those that are struggling.
  • I am grateful for the small things that keep us occupied like Netflix and other networks that bring the world into our homes.
  • Grateful for good books, good bourbon, Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee.
  • I am grateful for my loving wife and our family

I will leave you with these thoughts: be safe, be kind, be generous, and look out for one another and yourselves.  We are strong as a nation and let’s come together to show our strength once again.  Let’s dive into 2021 and strive for health, civility, peace, reconciliation, and recovery.  After all, we are looking for happiness and love. Happy holidays from Lachman Consultants.  I usually write something funny at this time of year, but I am having trouble thinking that funny is the right tone given the last year’s happenings.  So hang in there, the solution may be just a shot (or two) away.