New Technology Resolves On-Site Inspection Challenges Amid Pandemic

(Westbury, NY – October 2020) Lachman Consultants Services, Inc. (Lachman Consultants) is introducing Virtual Touring, a state-of-the-art experience that allows manufacturing facilities to safely conduct virtual inspections, tours and visits, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology is vital to the Life Sciences industry, which depends upon inspections to bring new pharmaceuticals, devices, and biologics to market, and to demonstrate ongoing adherence to FDA regulations.

Featuring leading-edge technology, these tours enable a rich and immersive virtual experience for remote facility touring by Lachman Consultants’ global team of experts. “The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted regulators’ ability to inspect manufacturing facilities worldwide,” notes Fran Zipp, President and CEO. “Virtual Touring eliminates problematic delays in necessary inspections due to travel restrictions while increasing overall safety for everyone involved.” This timely capability allows Lachman Consultants to support clients’ compliance needs, utilizing Lachman Consultants’ most experienced and qualified experts – regardless of location – while saving time and reducing costs.

Clients receive an easy-to-use, hand-held 360-degree camera along with technical support and instruction to ensure a successful and value-added experience. Using 3-D virtual goggles, Lachman Consultants’ experts participate in real-time, touring client facilities in a 360-degree environment. The cost-effective and engaging experience is almost equal to being physically on-site. This unique and innovative system enables Lachman Consultants to provide valuable, comprehensive, and accurate services for a variety of compliance and regulatory circumstances. Remote participants may also join without special goggles via computer or cell phone.

Interested parties can schedule a viewing of a mock-up of the Virtual Touring experience by contacting Lachman Consultants at 516-222-6222 or via e-mail at

Download our PDF overview below to learn more about how Lachman Consultants provides clients with a rich and immersive 3D-360 degree inspection experience nearly equal to being at the facility! FDA Virtual Inspection PDF - Lachman Consultants

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