Most of the diagnostic tests that are currently being marketed for detecting COVID-19 are subject to emergency use authorizations (EUAs).  Today, the FDA published a listing of commercial manufacturers of serological tests who had previously provided notification to FDA under the policy outlined in Section IV.D of the Policy for Coronavirus Disease-2019 Tests but have now been removed from that notification list. The list can be found here under the 8th question.

The Agency notes:  “As noted in the guidance, if an EUA request is not submitted by a commercial manufacturer of a serology test within a reasonable period of time, or if significant problems are identified with such a test that cannot be or have not been addressed in a timely manner, FDA intends to remove the manufacturer and test from the notification list. Commercial manufacturers may also voluntarily withdraw their test notification, and such tests are noted with an asterisk.”

Please take note of this notice to assure that you do not have these tests in stock and, if you do, take appropriate action.