Lachman Consultants recognizes the urgency of supporting the COVID-19 response efforts.  Companies may be adding additional personnel or expanding manufacturing resources to aid in producing life-saving medical equipment and supplies.  While COVID-19 is requiring non-essential personnel to stay home and stay safe, these teams are at the forefront.  We want to assure you that Lachman Consultants is also here to help support your industry’s heroic efforts.

In our experience, when even the most experienced manufacturers ramp up production, add temporary personnel, or must move to expand their supply chain, non-conformances and deviations tend to increase, workload to review device history records and quality oversight increases, and (potentially) complaints and MDRs may increase.

Lachman is here to support your efforts.  Some of the services we can provide, remotely, may include:

  • Supplier audit and qualification
  • Quality review of non-conformances and complaint investigations
  • Quality review of device history records
  • Performing routine quality system requirements to keep you compliant as your focus is diverted to the effort, such as:

o     Conducting internal audits

o     Providing your annual QSR training via WebEx

Lachman Consultants offers services across laboratory technology, compliance, and regulatory.  We can help keep business plans moving forward, and help companies reach goals that may have been taken off-course during the COVID-19 response.

Please reach out to Lachman Consultants for any needs at