While attending the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas we asked our booth visitors to answer two questions that help gauge the industry in a top-of-mind way. We asked for insight into what is currently on their mind as an organization, and what their biggest takeaways from the event are. This year, it was apparent that the advanced digital intelligence age is upon the pharmaceutical industry, and is creating valuable conversations in the world’s pharma manufacturing hallways.

Top items that were mentioned include Data Integrity, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Continuous Improvement, and Quality. With more organizations now taking a close look at their computerized systems and how data is handled per FDA guidelines, it has become increasingly important to properly audit and continuously remediate systems with issues well before the FDA is given the opportunity to issue a Form 483 or Warning Letter.

To join the conversation in data integrity, automation, or artificial intelligence, be sure to reach out to our experts on staff – Paul Mason, or Jose L. Toro, among others. Additionally, the ISPE Europe Pharma 4.0 Conference is coming up in two weeks, where our CEO & newly appointed Chair of ISPE’s board, Fran Zipp, will be attending.


The number one area on our minds as an organization right now: 

  • Data Integrity
  • Technology Transfer
  • Process Validation
  • Quality
  • Resources
  • Future Growth & Innovation
  • mRNA Therapy
  • Integration
  • Changing the public perception of Pharma
  • Best Practices
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Continuous Process Verification
  • Part 11 Compliance
  • Containment & Single-Use Equipment
  • Patient-centric quality
  • Gene therapy
  • Automation
  • Sustainability

The top takeaway at the 2019 ISPE Annual Meeting:

  • Pharma 4.0
  • Networking
  • Gaining insight into quality for customers
  • Teamwork
  • Emergence of Young Professionals in the industry
  • Patient-centric process
  • Community in the industry
  • Risk-based approach to processes
  • Transformative Leadership principles
  • Continuous improvement guidelines


See the latest article and briefing from ISPE covering Fran Zipp’s Chair acceptance speech on day 3 of the annual meeting here:


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