Today, at the ISPE Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, an important new tool in the battle against drug shortages will debut. The “Drug Shortages Assessment and Prevention Tool” drew on feedback from ISPE 2013 Drug Shortages Survey and 2014 Drug Shortages Prevention Plan, and focuses on the prevention and practical application to help industry assess its preparedness for mitigating drug shortages. This tool will be introduced to the attendees of the Annual Meeting by a group introduced by me, in a session titled “Business Continuity Planning for the Prevention of Drug Shortages: Introducing the ISPE Drug Shortage Assessment and Prevention Tool”.
Serving as a member of the pharmaceutical industry is a privilege that brings with it significant personal responsibility. I am honored to serve on the team that developed this tool that is intended to help industry achieve its desired state. Keep your eyes open for the opportunities that ISPE will be presenting shortly for training for your firm.