The Medicines for Europe Annual Conference was held June 29 to July 1, 2022 in the beautiful seaside town of Sitges, Spain.  While many topics were discussed, foremost on the minds of many attendees and speakers was the war in Ukraine.

Frances Zipp, President and CEO of Lachman, gave the opening address for the afternoon session on Day 2.  Fran outlined the devastating toll that this crisis is having on people seeking medical care and basic medicines.  The medicine supply chain in Ukraine has been severely interrupted with distributors not being able to operate; stockpiles are inaccessible due to military operations, medicine supplies are running low, and hospitals are using available resources to care for the wounded, which takes up bed space.  Additionally, there have been direct attacks on healthcare facilities.  While the WHO and other private groups have provided medicines, the need is still great.  Fran closed her remarks with a call to action for all of the pharmaceutical companies in the audience, saying, “As citizens of the world, we must all do our part.  It is up to each of us to help!”

Next on the podium were Adele Paterson, CEO of International Health Partners, and Tom Roane, VP of Corporate Engagement and Strategy for Direct Relief.  Both of these organizations are matching companies that want to donate pharmaceuticals with logistics organizations that can get these pharmaceuticals where they are needed.  What do companies do with excess inventory?  These groups, and others like them, take donations and, securely and reliably, get them to places that wouldn’t have access to them otherwise.  Tom also spoke about some good corporate citizens which, in addition to donating excess inventory, actually have begun what is referred to as “produce to donate,” meaning that they plan to make specific products that are needed and donate them directly.  This is especially important so groups like Direct Relief can plan and forecast.

Although the need is very great, it made us feel a little better knowing that there are companies out there doing this great work.  If your organization is interested in donating or getting involved, please reach out to Lachman Consultants at and we will get your information to the correct people.  All efforts are needed and appreciated as this unprovoked war on Ukraine continues.