With COVID-19 still ravaging the U.S. and the world, there are many efforts to find new treatments, find old drugs that may work, and various immunological approaches that are being evaluated to fight this disease.  Just out of curiosity, I took a look at the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s Clinical Trials website (here) to see what was currently listed.

There were 337 various studies that are either currently recruiting or not yet recruiting, with a breakdown of 162 and 175, respectively.  There were an additional nine studies listed that were by invitation only and eighteen that were active but not recruiting.  Ten studies were listed as completed and eight studies were withdrawn.  That’s a lot of work going on to find a treatment or vaccine, or studies designed to determine the impact of the virus on various organ systems.

You can keep track of the activity and find new studies by searching the ClinicalTrials.gov website at the link above.