I don’t know about you but has this year flown by or what?  Summer will be over on Labor Day and there will be only one month left in FY 2019.  OGD approval actions thru reporting on August 22 show OGD with 53 full approval actions and 11 tentative approval actions.  Thus, it looks like OGD will beat the last two fairly slow months that had total approval actions of 62 (45 full and 17 tentative), and 75 (61 full and 14 tentative) total approval actions.

The last 6 days of the month will be interesting, to say the least, as the monthly average through 10 months has been 81.4 full approval actions and 21.4 tentative approval actions.  Will August improve those numbers or will they continue to decline?

We will report once the month of August closes and will also update the July stats once OGD publishes those additional metrics.