According to the reporting on the FDA’s Daily Approvals page and confirmed by the FDA’s All Approvals list at 9:45 AM, EST 5/18/22, there were a total of 15 full approval actions and one (1) tentative approval action so far in May.  Could the glitch previously reported here still be a problem?  We all hope so since we are halfway through the month and see only a total of 16 approval actions.  We may have to place a pause on our mid-month peek at the approval numbers if there continues to be such a discrepancy between what OGD posts on the lists identified above and what the official totals look like when FDA reports them in their Generic Drugs Program Activities Report – Monthly Performance.

We like to keep you informed throughout each month so there are no surprises when the official approval numbers are posted. It would be nice if OGD would publicly address the issue so we all would know what the problem is, but they do have a lot on their plate!