Well, the holiday season may produce a “December to remember”, to quote a car manufacturer’s favorite tag line at this time of year.  What we don’t know is will it be good to remember or not so much.  December usually is one of the highest months for approval actions with the last three Decembers producing 76, 108, and 98 total approval actions (i.e., full and tentative approvals).  As of December 18, 2020, OGD has publicly reported 44 full approval actions and 8 tentative approval actions.

There are 7 reporting days left in December and the final unofficial tally, which we will report at the end of the first full week in January, will give us the best window into how the rest of the FY year will go on the approval front.  We will also provide our look into the crystal ball after the official OGD numbers come out around week 2 or 3 in January 2021.  Hold on to your horses, here we go again!