The news is rife with stories about counterfeit drugs, illegal operating on-line pharmacies, on-line pharmacies dispensing sub- or super-potent medicines, some act as virtual opioid pill mills, but the FDA has launched a campaign to help consumers navigate the online pharmacy morass.  Released this morning the FDA’s web page (here) asks in its opening line “Is your online pharmacy safe?”.

The site provides five major categories of information, inquiry, suggestions, and action:

  • Considering an Online Pharmacy?
  • Locate a State-Licensed Online Pharmacy
  • Resources for Consumers
  • Resources for Health Professionals
  • Reporting unsafe online pharmacies

In a state-by-state search for an online pharmacy, the FDA recommends that “[C]hecking a pharmacy’s license through your state board of pharmacy is an important step in knowing whether you are using a safe online pharmacy.  Click on your state to look for your online pharmacy in the state’s board of pharmacy license database.  If your online pharmacy is not listed, you should not use that pharmacy.  If your pharmacy is listed, please also confirm that the pharmacy:

  • Requires a doctor’s prescription
  • Provides a physical address and telephone number in the United States
  • Has a licensed pharmacist to answer your questions

The site has lots of information for both consumers and health care professionals to help you stay safe and assure your medication needs are being handled by legitimate organizations.