Looking for Federal Register Notices? – Good Luck!

Attempts to access the Federal Register sites, where many of the pre-publications for important FDA business, regulatory actions, proposed and final rules and regulations, petitions and the like are published is met with the following notice:

Due to the shutdown of the Federal Government, National Archives facilities are closed, websites and social media are not being updated or monitored, and activities are canceled, with the following exceptions which remain open and operational: Federal Records Centers, Federal Register, the Ronald Reagan Museum, and the George W. Bush Museum.

To be clear, no business as usual.  So, what’s going on in the government?  I know that when I was worked for the Feds, government employees used these times to vent to one another in much the same way they do when there is a pending weather emergency.  They talk about it for two days before, stay home when the snow or storm hits and then talk about it for two days after they get back.  Well, I can also tell you that I went through many shutdowns over my 20.5-year Federal career, but I never remember not getting paid.  Nor do I ever remember there being a reason as lame as the issue that is keeping the government closed or the mistruths that are spewing from the White House (good job Chris Wallace for calling out Sarah and the Prez).  Come on, people, if you can’t figure out a way to work this out, how are you ever going to be able to tackle and negotiate real business?

I feel for the Federal workers and all others that become adversely impacted by such political grandstanding.  What I don’t understand is why Congress does not try to do something about it.  The House did, yet the Senate even refuses to put the Bill on the floor, so the members can express their positions.  I am tired of scratching my head over this because it is becoming raw.  Good luck, Federal workers and all others adversely impacted by these shenanigans.  It’s time for the government to go back to work so all of us can!

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