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Flu the Coop!

Even with this season’s flu season past its peak, FDA is warning consumers about potential fraudulent product touted as curing or lessening the flu.  The FDA health fraud alert (here) warns consumers to be aware of fraudulent product claiming to treat, prevent, or lessen flu symptoms.  In addition, they also warn patients to be wary of online pharmacy sites that may offer unapproved or fraudulent anti-viral products.

FDA provides these tips to help consumers identify such unapproved or fake products:

These flu claims may indicate that an OTC product is fraudulent:

  • reduces severity and length of the flu;
  • boosts your immunity naturally without a flu shot;
  • safe and effective alternative to the flu vaccine;
  • prevents catching the flu;
  • effective treatment for the flu;
  • faster recovery from the flu; or
  • supports your body’s natural immune defenses to fight off the flu.

Remember, there are no approved OTC products to cure or treat the flu, although there are many OTC products that may help relieve the symptoms of the flu.

Suspicious products appear to be more bountiful this year, possibly due to the severity of this year’s flu strains.  Some patients are scared and may more likely fall for the health scam or may feel that they cannot afford to seek proper medical treatment and fall victim to one of these unapproved products.

There is only one thing I can say about health fraud – oh wait, I can’t say that in my blog!