The first two and a half months of calendar year 2017 saw the FDA approving 7 first-time generic products.  The First Generic Approval reports are always good news for OGD, as these represent (in many cases) products that received priority review as first generics.  It is also good news for consumers, as upon their introduction, first generics begin the price benefit we are all seeking from high quality generic versions of innovator products.  The first report of the year (here) shows the 7 approvals and their brand name counterparts along with the uses for the products, the ANDA numbers, and the sponsors.  Unfortunately, there is no indication as to when first marketing may occur, as there may be factors other than FDA approval (e.g., patent protection, ongoing litigation beyond the 30-month period, etc.) that would dictate when the first launch could occur.  But their approval is obviously the first step in making first generic versions of these products available.